In 2015 I formed CLIP with sound artist Simon Keep. What began as a sporadic sound art meet up, morphed into monthly workshops. Now, as of 16th April 2018, CLIP is Youth Music funded and will be running weekly workshops at Firstsite as part of their young peoples program.

What is CLIP?

CLIP is an opportunity for sonic exploration through collaboration, discussion, skill sharing, jamming sessions and performance. We explore the boundaries between sound and music, where the process of creation becomes as intriguing as the final result. We use sonic experiments, improvisation and performance as a way to improve confidence and increase musical knowledge.

What do CLIP do?

We make contemporary music accessible by exploring avant garde ideas through fun and interactive experiments and performance. Improvisation is key to what we do, using the power of collaboration to boost confidence, empathy, self-awareness and creativity.

What have CLIP done?

We’ve put a string quartet through guitar pedals, we’ve hosted an open call for human and animal duets and we’ve sampled the inhabitants of Colchester Zoo to compose a song for elephants (all under 200hz). Our next project is to play Terry Rileys In C, but actually in the sea.







You can find out more about CLIP on our website here.