On September 16th, CLIP were invited to run an all day drop-in family workshop, exploring experimental music. We setup three different activities, based on three different themes; acoustic, electric and instrument making.

Think workshop/activities are described best as ‘sonic messy play’, encouraging collaboration between participants. Approaching music from a different direction and exploring extended playing techniques.

The workshop was followed by a performance in the evening, where regularl members from our meet up came together to showcase our musical experiments and improvisation challenges.

I opened the performance with a led listening experience, touching on mindfullness I ensured everybody’s hearing was nicely warmed-up before asking them to eat the popping candy we had placed on their chair creating a chorus of snaps and crackles amongst the audience.

First on the set list was a Kitchen Jam, using kitchenware to improvise a drum beat whilst we used an egg timer for our metronome (plus a boiling kettle, which Tom then made a brew for one lucky member of the audience). Next up was our ‘blindfold improvisation’, which focuses the players attention to listen, encouraging call and response.

The final piece was a free improvisation with all members playing their instrument of choice, whilst I restricted myself to only use samples recorded during the days earlier workshops! You can hear the performance in full below

Working with Roman River Music was a great experience, not only did it create a performance opportunity for the younger members of CLIP but the inclusion within a well reputated music organisation gives both myself and CLIP an improved stature and reputation which helps foster further oportunities.


Roman River Music Festival 2017


Firstsite, Colchester


Workshop & Performance