Pendulum, the latest game from game design studio Teaboy Games (of which I’m a co-founder) is a mesmerising mixture of enchanting puzzles, hypnotic artwork and atmospheric music. As you journey through each chapter of the game, the sound effects are tuned to the music – composing melodies as you complete each puzzle.

All the music is composed at 120bpm, to echo the repetitive ticking of a clock. We did experimenting with actually putting in this ticking sound, but it was far too annoying over long periods.

Each track begins with a tuned drone, these are recordings of the sea, the wind and my noisy radiator pipes. I pitched these into drones with a comb-filter (which removes all the frequencies which aren’t in the chord i’ve selected) to create rich drones that add an analog warmth to an otherwise clinical and minimal aesthetic. I’ve included these drones as bonus tracks with the digital download of the album, alongside an additional track ‘Chapter 4’ which remixes all three previous tracks using their beats, melodies and synths to create something new but familiar.




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