I was invited by Essex University to lead one of their family Sundays around the theme of Listening. They had heard about my work with MakeyMakey and wanted to use this as a basis for the session.

I worked with their staff to create two MakeyMakey driven exercises, and then two further listening exercises.

1. MakeyMakey Choreography

This game was about team work since by holding hands only one person needs to be ‘earthed’ for the makeymakey to work. By using Audacity we could record the participants making a sound and then quickly exporting that into Soundplant42 where they could then trigger it with the objects laid out.

2. MakeyMakey Digital Artwork

With this exercise we were bringing artworks to life. Since MakeyMakey works with anything conductive, we collected materials for the families to use that we could connect up and then interact with. For example, with the right pencils (and thick enough lines) you can then connect a crocodile clip to it and play the lines! The example shown in the picture above is of a girl who drew a cat and then put split pins in for its eyes, I then connected the cables on the back and quickly threw together a cat-meow-piano inside Logic.


Listen Up


Essex University, Colchester